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Prophecy Update End Time Headlines 6/27/17

Israel Bombs Gaza in Response to Rocket Fire!

Syria Planning Chemical Attack; CLICK HERE for Latest Israel News!
United with IsraelWhat are YOU Doing About Rise in Anti-Semitism; London Mayor Under Refuses to Call Hezbollah Terrorists; Watch Abbas Admit to Sending Terrorists to Kill Israelis 
Israel Bombs Gaza in Response to Rocket Fire
Pew Survey: Israelis Prefers Trump Over Obama
Jerusalem’s Reunification Celebrated at the UN!

Historic changes in central Europe Asia and elsewhere as old order implodes!

Benjamin Fulford 6-26-17… “Historic changes in central Europe Asia and elsewhere as old order implodes”

Posted on June 27, 2017 weekly report from Ben. Whoa, this is out early!!
“Sometimes historic changes are announced in obscure headlines such as this one: “Defense Ministers from Six Countries Focus on Cooperation in Prague.”… A more accurate headline would read “Austro-Hungarian Empire revived after 100 year hiatus.” The story says Czechia [Czech Republic], Slovakia, Hungary, Austria Slovenia and Croatia are going to carry out a joint exercise to protect their borders… Their joint borders are almost the same borders as those of the Austro-Hungarian Empire…
“It is also worth noting the Habsburg dynasty overthrown after World War I were rivals of the Saxe-Gotha-Rothschild dynasties that won the war…
“we are seeing a growing split between Germany and the US with people in Germany now openly talking about the EU imposing sanctions on the US in retaliation for their efforts to stop the Germans from buying more cheap Russian gas.
“…Rothschild slave President…

Japan issues warning over North Korea nuclear missile strike with residents told to seek shelter or lie on ground in terrifying TV broadcast!

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Japanese Government Begins Preparing Its People On What To Do In Event Of A Nuclear Missile Strike

by Geoffrey Grider

Japan issues warning over North Korea nuclear missile strike with residents told to seek shelter or lie on ground in terrifying TV broadcast

Residents  in Japan have been told to seek shelter or lie on the ground in the event of North Korea missile strike in a terrifying new nationwide television broadcast. The half a minute announcement also states people should stay away from windows and protect their heads if they are inside a building should a missile be fired in the direction of Japan from North Korea.
The broadcast also confirmed, in the event of a missile attack, the Japanese government will inform members of the public though speakers across the country, the Daily Telegraph has reported.
Between now and July, 43 television stations across Japan will broadcast the announcement while 70 Japanese newspapers will publish written instructions. The announcement following an increase in tensions after North Korea conducted another missile test.

North Korea test missiles, challenges US with nuclear war threats:

Kim Jong-un was pictured grinning following the test while another photo showed a huge crowd of soldiers cheering next to the surface-to-air missile launcher. The missiles are the fourth new system the hermit state has tested this year.

Missile Threats Surging Worldwide, U.S. Defense Study Finds

Technology for ballistic and cruise missiles is advancing in countries from North Korea and Iran to Russia and China, increasing potential threats to the U.S. even if they don’t carry nuclear warheads, according to a new Pentagon report.
“Many countries view ballistic and cruise missile systems as cost-effective weapons and symbols of national power,” defense intelligence agencies said in the report obtained by Bloomberg News in advance of its release. “Many ballistic and cruise missiles are armed with weapons of mass destruction. However, numerous types of ballistic and cruise missiles have achieved dramatic improvements in accuracy that allow them to be used effectively with conventional warheads.”
The report comes as President Donald Trump’s administration seeks a way to stop North Korea’s drive to develop a nuclear-armed intercontinental ballistic missile that could hit the U.S. mainland. While citing the ballistic missile programs being pursued by Kim Jong Un’s regime in Pyongyang and by Iran, the study describes a broader proliferation of missiles, advanced technology and launch options.
“Ballistic missiles can be deployed in silos, on submarines, surface ships, road- and rail-mobile launchers and aircraft,” the report said. “Mobile missiles can provide greater pre-launch survivability. The last decade has seen a dramatic increase in ballistic missile capabilities to include accuracy, post-boost maneuverability, and combat effectiveness.”
Among the new technologies are hypersonic glide vehicles being developed by Russia and China.source

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Therefore, brethren, be even more diligent to make your call and election sure for if you do these things you will never stumble!!

Dear Friends,

For some time now I have felt constrained to examine 2 Peter 1: 5-11 with particular emphasis on verse 10, "Therefore, brethren, be even more diligent to make your call and election sure for if you do these things you will never stumble....." (NKJ)

Way back in the dark ages, in the summer of 1962 to be precise, as my 12th birthday approached I felt under considerable pressure to conform to the religious norms of my parents who were part of the "Brethren" churches at that time. No pressure from mum and dad directly, but an unending sense of being on "the outside" when I attended the many meetings which were forced upon me. One Sunday night at the "Gospel" meeting the preacher, Harry Greig, was speaking about Jesus knocking on the door of your heart, actually a misuse of Revelation 3 verse 20, and he went on to quote the addresses of 3 or 4 of the young people/children who were present.

For me it was a bit shocking when he said "Is Jesus knocking on 100 Brownside Road?" home address. I felt that I had to respond and when approached after the meeting I "gave my heart to Jesus" in an emotional response and because I felt that was what was expected of me. My most major sins, and some were seriously "major", were committed after this time and before I truly did make the Lord Jesus my Saviour and Master in 1971. But more of that later. Between these two times I faked a lot of Christian behaviour, people thought that I was a true believer and were not aware of an ever increasing sinful lifestyle which really sank low when I went to University.

I have a deep and loving concern for folk like me, who have gone through the evangelical system, "made a commitment", put their hand up at an appeal or altar call, responded to parental pressure and said the little prayer as directed or led, or one of many other actions or "courses" which have mistakenly been called "being Born Again". It is time for examination of the heart in light of the nearness of the return of the Lord Jesus and the shortness of the hour. "The night is far spent and the Day is at hand" Romans 13 verse 12. We need to be, and we can be, totally certain of our eternal life and salvation. But are we? The apostle Peter lays out in the verses 5-8 the normal Christian life and the fruitfulness that follows righteous, holy behaviour. He then contrasts with those who "lack these things" and categorises them as blind and having forgotten their cleansing.

But now the core verse, verse 10. Calling the readers "brethren" means that he is speaking to persons who are in the public, visible church and his "therefore" means because of what he has just written before, an action is needed. Be even more diligent to check out your call from God and your personal place amongst His elect people. The religious system, from ritualistic, through evangelical to charismatic and pentecostal is full of dear folk assuming that they have the real thing but living a life of defeat when it comes to the holiness that should  be normal to us. Yes, there will always be battles against our fleshly nature but victory is the normal state of a true disciple of the Lord Jesus. When Peter, in 1 Peter 1: 16, quotes Levititcus 19: ", "Be holy for I am holy" he is outlining the normal state for a believer in fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

Maybe we need to take some prime time to examine and audit our hearts and ask ourselves...  "just where do I stand with God?". Do I have a certain and complete assurance that I really know Him? Am I just following the religious and evangelical habits of a lifetime or keeping up appearances to please others, including aging family members? This is serious as time flies by. We need to be certain of our personal salvation and the security of our heavenly home and have a clear testimony to ourselves of the call of God through His Word to our souls. 
Election is God's business, outside of time He made a choice. But He can, and has, delegate(d) sovereignty to us to make a choice ourselves which aligns with His will and choice. His sovereignty is infinite and He can delegate a power to choose to us without depleting His own personal sovereignty. Can you say without a shadow of doubting that you are one of the Elect of God. If you have truly surrendered to the Lord Jesus you should be able to strongly assert that and be able to walk the walk of faith in holiness.

I am applying this to myself examining my own heart in order that I might be more pleasing to Him but I can honestly quote 1 John 3: 19 - 23: " And this we know that we are of the truth, and shall assure our hearts before Him. For if our heart condemns us God is greater than our heart and knows all things. Beloved, if our heart does not condemn us we have confidence toward God and whatever we ask we receive from Him, because we keep His commandments and do those things that are pleasing in His sight. And this is His commandment: that we should believe on the name of His Son Jesus Christ and love one another, as He gave us commandment".

In the summer of 1971 I truly did find the Lord Jesus as my King and Saviour and YHWH God as my Father, The Holy Spirit came inside of me and I was re-born as a new person. A pile of old magazines on a bedside cabinet seemed to represent aspects of my seedy life in which I felt trapped. But I remembered a childhood trip to a paper mill where a huge amount of magazines and newsprint was being recycled. I cried out, aware of my sinful condition, "..if only that could happen to my life!" The Holy Spirit quietly spoke directly to my mind and heart saying "If you will give me your life I will make it anew". 
I immediately knelt by the bed and prayed the first genuine and natural prayer of my life..."GOD, I do not understand what it means for Jesus Christ to die on the Cross for my sins, but, if it is good enough for You it is good enough for me. Please take control of my life".

And as I surrendered He did take control. A dirty weight lifted from my shoulders, an unexplainable joy entered my heart and I began to sing little bits of hymns/songs that I knew and to dance around the room. The Lord Jesus has kept me singing and dancing through life ever since in good times and bad.  He became my Lord and King, my friend and companion and, most of all the One who shed His lifeblood for me and took my sins on Himself to set me free. I am awaiting His imminent return.

I write this little article in an attitude of care and concern for the eternal destiny of all who read it but especially to challenge those of us who, like me, have lived a fake Christianity and need a loving challenge to go back to the basics of the Gospel. You have to repent and turn around, accepting that your life's condition is unacceptable to God but that He will accept you just as you are. Re-read my prayer. It was simple, unsophisticated and honest with God. That is all that is needed because He promises that if you draw near to Him, He WILL draw near to you. And He will put His Holy Spirit in you, never leave you, love you for ever and change your destiny and destination from eternal separation from Him in the Lake of Fire to the glorious future of Eternal Life in his Heavenly Home.

My prayer right now is that you will, in your own way, call out to the Lord Jesus and make Him your Saviour, Lord and King.

Blessings In Him,

Good Article Here By Kit R. Olsen On "The Spectacular Pre-Tribulation Rapture"!!

The Spectacular Pre-Tribulation Rapture :: By Kit R. Olsen

“Behold, the day of the Lord is coming, cruel, with fury and burning anger, to make the land a desolation; and He will exterminate its sinners from it. The earth is broken asunder, the earth is split through, the earth is shaken violently. The earth reels to and fro like a drunkard and it totters like a shack, for its transgression is heavy upon it, and it will fall, never to rise again.” (Isaiah 13:9; 24:19-20 emphasis added)
 Scripture assures us through the prophet Isaiah that  the “day of the Lord” is in reference to the seven-year Tribulation. Its purpose is to exterminate unrepentant sinners and destroy wickedness out of the earth for good. The judgments of the Tribulation will forever destroy the transgressions of the godless masses—“never to rise again.”
 Another major purpose of the day of the Lord is to bring about worldwide revival through the efforts of the 144,000 Jewish witnesses, specially anointed and protected by God (Revelation 7:1-4).
 Furthermore, another crucially important objective of the Tribulation is to fracture the stubborn will of the Jewish nation—Israel (the holy people) and bring about national regeneration (Daniel 12:5-7). Those who remain rebellious will be eliminated, making it possible for an entirely new nation (which has been regenerated) to enter into the Millennium and be given the Promised Land by Jesus Himself. Once Israel recognizes Jesus as her Messiah, repents  and cries out to Him, the Lord will return and the Tribulation will come to an end (Hosea 5:15; 6:1-3).
In the book of Revelation John is caught-up to heaven which is symbolic of the Church being caught-up to heaven before the Tribulation begins:
 Revelation 4:1 – “After these things I saw, and behold, a door opened in heaven, and the first voice that I heard, a voice as of a trumpet speaking with me, one saying, ‘Come up hither, and I will show thee the things which must come to pass hereafter.’”
 It’s time for the Church to go home: The door in heaven is opened signaling that believers of the Church Age are about to be caught-up to heaven. When a voice of a trumpet says, Come up hither, it is the command for believers to be raptured, as Paul wrote in 1 Thessalonians:
 “For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise firstThen we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we shall always be with the Lord.” (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17)
 The voice of the archangel will shout, Come up hither, and all living believers will be raptured; the dead in Christ will rise first to meet Jesus in the air. The Church is seen here in heaven, represented by the 24 elders and also as the myriads of myriads and thousands of thousands (Rev. 4:4, 10-11; 5:14). Yet, she is not seen again until chapter 19 of Revelation.
The Church is not seen during the Tribulation because she has been taken to heaven. Revelation chapter 4 begins with the statement, After these things—that is, after the Church Age.
Another indicator that the Church is not here during the Tribulation is this important sequence of Scripture: After each of the messages of the seven churches, God says, He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith to the churches.
But in Revelation 13:9, long after the events of chapter 4, God says, If any man hath an ear, let him hearHe leaves off the words what the Spirit saith to the churches because the Church is no longer on earth, she is with the Lord in heaven.
We also know the Church does not go into the Tribulation because of powerful symbols of her in the Old Testament. Enoch is a symbol of the Church because he was “caught away” just prior to the flood of Noah’s day (Genesis 5:24). Noah is a symbol of the Rapture because he was carried away to safety in the Ark before the flood came.
Another symbol of the Church in the Old Testament is Lot and his family. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit visited Abraham and told him that Sodom would be destroyed. Abraham tried to talk God out of destroying the city and begged that if just ten righteous people could be found in it that it would be spared (Genesis 18:20-33).
God agreed, but only one righteous man—Lot, was found. The Lord sent angels as His emissaries to Sodom to rescue Lot and his family. They acted on His behalf and forcibly took Lot, his wife and their two daughters out of Sodom before destroying Sodom, Gomorrah and the three other cities nearby in the valley of Siddim—Admah, Zeboiim and Bela (Zoar) as cited in Genesis 14:8.
“Then the Lord rained on Sodom and Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven,  and He overthrew those cities, and all thevalley, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and what grew on the ground.” (Genesis 19:24-25)
We hear the words Come up hither again later in Revelation chapter 11;  the Two Witnesses are raptured during the Tribulation. But that is the only rapture within the time span of the seven-year Tribulation prior to Christ’s Second Coming.
“And they heard a great voice from heaven saying unto them, ‘Come up hither. And they went up into heaven in the cloud; and their enemies beheld them.’” (Revelation 11:12).
These are the major positions that exist regarding the Rapture. (The Pre-Tribulation Rapture is the correct one):
Pre-Tribulation Rapture teaches Jesus Christ will rapture the Church before the start of the Tribulation.
Mid-Tribulation Rapture teaches Jesus Christ will rapture the Church at the mid-point of the Tribulation.
Post-Tribulation Rapture teaches Jesus Christ will rapture the Church at the end of the Tribulation.
Pre-Wrath Rapture teaches Jesus Christ will rapture the Church near the end of the Tribulation just before the pouring out of the wrath of God through the seven bowl plagues (Revelation 16:1).
It is important to note that nowhere in Scripture do we read that the Tribulation is anyone else’s “wrath” other than God Almighty’s and His alone. The prophesied seven-year Tribulation is God’s wrath pouring down upon an out-of-control God-rejecting world.
The terror of the Antichrist fueled by Satan is a by-product of mankind’s rejection of God, and cannot be substantiated with Scripture as Antichrist’s, Satan’s and mankind’s wrath—unless one inserts extra-biblical ideas into the text creating a false doctrine.
And there is another major and obvious  problem with  any of the Rapture positions outside of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture:
Jesus does not make any appearances in Scripture during the Tribulation until the marriage of the Lamb in chapter 19 which eliminates the idea of the Rapture event taking place anytime other than prior to the Tribulation.
Jesus comes to earth before the Tribulation begins to take His Church off the planet, and He returns at the end of the Tribulation at the Second Coming with His Church (Revelation 19:11-14).
The rapture of Enoch and Elijah are symbolic of the Church being raptured before Daniel’s Seventieth Week (the Tribulation) begins. These biblically recorded events are symbolic of the Church being removed  before the God pours out his wrath upon the godless inhabitants of earth—the unsaved masses that remain after the Rapture of the Church.
The rapture of Enoch is not specifically called a rapture but from the following Scripture we can see that he was raptured. The Scripture simply says, “Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him” (Genesis 5:24).
 Elijah was taken up in a chariot of fire in a whirlwind: “And it came to pass, as they still went on, and talked, that, behold, there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, which parted them both asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven” (2 Kings 2:11).
It appears that Elijah boarded the chariot of fire which was then carried  up into the sky by a whirlwind—God’s whirlwind. We cannot know exactly what chariots of fire or horses of fire are, but they are cited a number times in Scripture (2 Samuel 22:11; 2 Kings 6:17-18; Psalm 68:17; 104:3; Isaiah 66:15; Jeremiah 4:13; Ezekiel 1:4-28; 10:1-22).
The promise to the church of Philadelphia to be kept from the “hour of trial” is a promise of being raptured before the start of the Tribulation.
“Because thou didst keep the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of trial, that hour which is to come upon the whole world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.” (Revelation 3:10 emphasis added)
 Daniel’s Seventieth Week is the “hour of trial” and all believers of the Church Age must be taken out before it begins because that is the time when God pours out His judgments—His wrath.
The promise that “God appointed us not for wrath, but unto the obtaining of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Thessalonians 5:9), is a confirmation that true Christians must be raptured prior to the start of the Tribulation.
 Another important point is this: The twenty-four elders seen in chapters four and five of Revelation represent believers of the Church Age—which means that the Rapture must take place by Revelation chapter four—before the Tribulation (the day of the Lord) begins.

WATCH: Israeli Air Force Strikes Syrian Soldiers, Destroys Tanks - And More From World Israel News!!

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WATCH: Israeli Air Force Strikes Syrian Soldiers, Destroys Tanks
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"Warning Attempt to Bring America Under Sharia Law" By Dr John McTernan!!

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John McTernan's Insights

Warning Attempt to Bring America Under Sharia Law

By JohnMcTernan 
Action is needed immediately on this. The Hard Left is trying to control our speech, just like the European governments are doing to the people there! They will jail a person for simply telling the truth about Islam and Muslims! They define it as "hate speech," and then say you have no right to "hate speech."
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America built a secret network of remote underground bunkers during the Cold War in case of a nuclear strike by the Russians. But they were not made to protect civilians - the hideouts were just for top government officials!!

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RAVEN ROCK: The Story Of The United States Government’s Ongoing Plan To Save Itself In Nuclear War


America built a secret network of remote underground bunkers during the Cold War in case of a nuclear strike by the Russians. But they were not made to protect civilians - the hideouts were just for top government officials.

In a plan as brutal as it was logical, the President and his inner circle would be saved while tens of millions of ordinary Americans would be incinerated.Realizing that there was no way to save the population, the conclusion was that 'the government would protect itself and let the rest of us die' writes national security expert Garrett M. Graff.
According to his new book, 'Raven Rock: The Story of the US Government's Secret Plan to Save Itself', the governments of Presidents Kennedy, Eisenhower, Roosevelt and Truman publicly assured people that a nuclear strike could be survivable.
Privately they built nuclear-proof facilities inside mountains staffed 24 hours a day and perched on giant springs to cushion them from the impact of a blast. Springs were also put on toilet seats so people would be comfortable should they happen to be relieving themselves when an A-bomb landed above them.
A bunker was built under the White House in the 1950s that would first be used on 9/11 when terrorists flew planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The secret, shadow world of planning extended to every branch of government and at the National Archives the Declaration of Independence was to be saved before the Constitution.
From Stanley Kubrick's 'Dr Strangelove' to the TV series starring Kiefer Sutherland 'Designated Survivor', our obsession with a nuclear blast has been with us for nearly a century.
Graff's book sets out to explain how 'nuclear war would have actually worked - the nuts and bolts of war plans, communication networks, weapons, and bunkers - and how imagining and planning for the impact of nuclear war actually change as leaders realized the horrors ahead'.
In: 'Raven Rock: The Story of the US Government's Secret Plan to Save Itself', he says that the Cold War began before the Second World War ended thanks to the Manhattan Project to develop a nuclear bomb in America, and the Soviet response.
As late as the early 1910 visitors could sit at the President's desk if he was not at home, but that changed with the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941. Within hours, the Secret Service was looking for a an armored limousine for President Franklin Roosevelt.
They settled on a Cadillac 341A Town Sedan once owned by Al Capone which had been impounded by the Treasury. The President used this until armor was fitted to his Lincoln limousine, creating the first of version of the Presidential vehicle that has been known as the 'Beast'
The White House was renovated and all staff members were issued with gas masks - Roosevelt's was attached to his wheelchair.
White House architect Lorenzo Winslow built the first bunker under the building; workers added thick concrete walls to a 40ft by 40ft area in the basement under the East Wing to create two rooms that could fit 100 people inside.
The rooms contained rations, water, medical supplies and could withstand a 500lbs bomb. Workers dug a sloped tunnel to the neighboring Treasuring building so Roosevelt could get to the larger 10 room shelter in its basement.
Washington was ordered to improve its nuclear preparation as well; during the first air raid drill in 1941 the only warning siren was left over from World War One and barely made a squawk when it was sounded.

In the mid 1940s the Pentagon drew up a list of 49 Russian cities it needed to destroy to paralyze the country.

By their estimates they needed 100 bombers and 200 bombs but this was unrealistic as David Lilienthal, the first chair of the Atomic Energy Commission, discovered - America had just 13 nuclear warheads.
Officials began remedying this with gusto and started an arms race. Today, America has 6,800 warheads, second only to Russia which has 7,000. In 1950, the White House was in a state of disrepair. The second floor ceiling was partially caved in and the renovations were the perfect cover to install a secret bomb shelter.
President Truman authorized a new bomb shelter which had a four inch thick door behind which was a shower room for people to rinse off radioactive fallout. The President's private suite was 8ft by 10ft and had four bunk beds, an en suite bathroom mostly taken up by a chemical toilet which would have stunk as there was no ventilation.
Graff writes that as the Cold War escalated paranoia that too much of government being concentrated in Washington.The National Security Act of 1947 ordered officials to draw up plans to relocate critical industries and functions to ensure continuity in the event of a strike.
Such fears spread across the country. There was even a Wall Street Journal ad for a 15 acre estate in upstate New York from the time talked about a large house with a garden and 'good bomb immunity'.
Another property was advertised as being 'out of the radiation zone'.
In 1950 Truman created the Federal Civil Defense Administration (FCDA), a precursor of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and its first head was Millard Caldwell. Caldwell wrote Project East River, a 1,000 page, 10 volume report which asked the kinds of difficult questions that needed to be asked, such as what happens if Wall Street is hit by a bomb.
In 1953, Russia exploded its first thermonuclear device known as RDS-6, or Joe-4 in the US.
America's response was to triple the size of its staff working on nuclear tests from the Manhattan Project, growing from a few sites and 55,000 people to 142,000-person staff and machinery which consumed seven per cent of the nation's GDP.
The FCDA created dozens of informational films with blunt titles like: 'Surviving Under Atomic Attack' which included advice like lying flat on your stomach, preferably under a table. In New York officials enlisted the 35,000 taxi drivers in the 'Emergency Taxi Corps' to ferry police and fire crews around.

Another of Truman's directives was to set up plans for Continuity of Government (COG) which required all federal agencies to develop their own plans for what they would do in the event of a civil defense emergency.

Park rangers in Philadelphia planned to evacuate the Liberty Bell to the Appalachian mountains and the IRS concluded that up to $2 trillion in property would be destroyed by an attack from the Russians
Graff writes that the IRS ruled that in the unlikely event your house did survive, and your neighborhood was not a radioactive wasteland, you would not have to pay tax at the same level as you had before
The book says that IRS officials found that 'it seemed unfair to assess homeowners and business owners on the pre-attack tax assessments of their property'. The idea for Raven Rock was to have a military base that would function as an alternative to the Pentagon and would be dug out of a mountain and deep enough to survive any Russian attack.
A site was chosen six miles from Camp David, the Presidential retreat in Maryland, and work began in 1951 on the $17 million project Some 300 men worked round the clock in three shifts to carve a 3,100ft tunnel out of the granite; engineers invented technology as they went along including blast doors and blast valves.
Inside the facility there was 100,000sq/ft of office space in five parallel caverns big enough to hold a three story building in each. The entire facility could fit 1,400 people and was placed on giant springs to reduce the impact of a blast.
A similar site was started the next year in Virginia and became known as Mount Weather which had a TV studio for post attack broadcasts, 20 barracks for troops inside the mountain and luxury rooms for VIPs.
The two facilities became the core of the government's Doomsday plans and remain so today.

America's secret nuclear bunkers:

  • RAVEN ROCK, PENNSYLVANIA: The military complex was constructed following the end of the Second World War, just six miles north of Camp David. It is believed there is a secret tunnel linking the facility with the presidential retreat which could be used in the event of attack. The facility was opened in 1953 and can hold about 1,400 people, according to the book. President Obama allowed members of the public to visit the facility on weekends. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, some government officials believed the facility should have been shut. However, it was thoroughly refurbished following 9/11.
  • PETERS MOUNTAIN, VIRGINIA: Buried beneath the Appalachian Mountains, the facility was branded as an AT&T communications station. But in reality, it housed space for hundreds of staff to help provide continuity in government in the event of disaster. Bluemount, Virginia: The US civilian leadership, including the cabinet, president and Supreme Court would be taken to this facility to ride out the attack.
  • MOUNT WEATHER, VIRGINIA: This facility houses the 'survivor list' of 6,500 names and addresses of people needed to help rebuild the US in the event of disaster. It is located in Mount Weather, Virginia approximately 60 miles west of the White House.
  • NORAD: COLORADO SPRINGS: Probably the most famous 'secret bunker' in America. The North American Aerospace Defense Command complex is responsible for defending the United States and Canada from air attack. The complex was completed in the 1950s and is believed to be able to withstand the electromagnetic pulse associated with a nuclear attack. Although, soon after it was completed, NORAD on Christmas Eve began providing a popular Santa tracker service so people can warn their children to go to bed before his arrival. The complex is built inside Cheyenne Mountain and in the event of an emergency, it can house 1,000 people for a month.
  • NORTH LAWN, 1,600 PENNSYLVANIA DRIVE, WASHINGTON DC: According to Graff, underneath the North Lawn of the White House, there is the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC). Dick Cheney was rushed into the complex during the 9/11 attacks in 2001, however it is only designed to be used for a short period. Graff believes President Obama ordered a $376 million upgrade of the facility, which officially was to improve the facility's air conditioning.
The Federal Reserve opened its own Doomsday bunker in 1969, a 140,000 square foot facility in Virginia which would become the electronic hub for 5,700 banks and allow up to $120 billion a day to flow between them. source